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Funding of Small Programs (under $100,000).

Funding of Short Term Projects (up to 12 months).

USRF supports projects in economic development, entrepreneurship and rule of law areas from Russian, US and international non-profit organizations.

USRF has co-funded 62 small projects since 2009. Learn more about supported projects.

Submission and Evaluation Process

USRF accepts proposals on a rolling basis. Upon successful registration with the USRF web site, a unique registration number is assigned to each application. All applicants will also be notified of the anticipated date of the decision made about project funding.

Proposals are selected on a competitive basis. The final decision is made by the USRF Board of Directors. In case the application is approved, there will be a grant agreement signed between USRF and the applicant. Grant agreements may be signed no earlier than one month after the decision on funding is made.

To submit an application, you register with the USRF website. After signing up, you will be given access to a virtual personal cabinet where you may create, edit and submit your application. User registration is available through the extranet area of our website. The standard application form must be completed in both English and Russian.

Eligibility for Applicants

USRF welcomes proposals from Russian, US, or international non-governmental organizations, public and governmental institutions.

The applicant should have at least a two-year financial history confirmed by reports to the tax authorities.

The applicant should have experience in managing budgets commensurate with the requested amount.

Ineligible applications will not be considered

Proposal Selection Criteria

Program Priorities

Priority areas for projects ineconomic development and entrepreneurship projects include: business climate improvement, social entrepreneurship, economic and business literacy, and intellectual property protection.

Priority areas for projects in rule of law include: economic law and development; effective resolution of economic disputes; and professional development for lawyers and legal education. Please read the brief description of the rule of law priorities before submitting your application.

USRF welcomes projects that promote Russian and American organizational partnerships aimed at building expertise through experts'exchange.


The budget of the submitted proposal should be in ruble terms. The U.S. applicants should provide the project budget in dollars. Preference will be given to the projects with efficient budgets that achieve best value at the lowest cost. Administrative expenses (including CEO's and bookkeeper's salaries, office rent, and so on) should not exceed 10% of the requested amount. We recommend that the salary budget line of the project budget be not more than 40% of the requested amount.


The project should be initiated by the Russian side and clearly demonstrate the interest in proposed activity from Russian organizations, institutions, agencies, businesses, etc., which should be confirmed by their contribution to the project in cash or in kind.

Preference will be given to projects with the contribution from the Russian side of at least 50% of project budget.

Sustainability and Replicability

Each project description should contain a section "Sustainability" where the applicant provides a clear development plan for the project after the USRF grant expires and indicates sources of funds to implement this plan.

Project activities should have practical and applicable results that can be disseminated and replicated.

Project Duration

Recommended project length should be about12 months.