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U.S.-Russia Bi-Lateral Training Program for Museum Porfessionals

U.S.-Russia Bi-Lateral Training Program for Museum Professionals

The U.S. – Russia Bi-lateral Training Program for Museum Professionalsis co-funded by Vladimir Potanin Foundation's Museum Bridges Program and the U.S.-Russia Foundation's Museum Exchange Program, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding; and implemented in partnership with the non-profit organization CEC ArtsLink (USA) and The St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts (Russia).

The program offers the acquaintance with the advanced world experience and tendencies of museology through the direct communication with leading exhibition designers, marketers, and educators who work with the latest museum technologies. The project "Museum exchange" provides training participants in the best practices of using advanced technologies while working with museum audience: engagement, education and marketing. The program includes group training sessions, visits to leading U.S. and Russian museums, professional meetings to form sustainable partnerships for future intermuseum co-operation.

The program is open to candidates from all types of museums: artistic, historical, scientific, technical and natural sciences, etc. The Program participants on the Russian side are selected by the Vladimir Potanin FoundationExpert Council.

The Program consists of two phases.

The first phase (May 2015 and October 2015) is a ten-day intensive in Washington and New York for Russian museum professionals, including:

  • lectures by leading museum curators, educators, marketers;
  • visits to the leading museums in Washington and New York;
  • providing the access to major publications and planning tools;
  • direct communication with museum experts in Russia and the United States.

The second stage (autumn 2015) suggests a return visit to the U.S. museum professionals in Russia in order to strengthen and develop partnerships that have arisen during the May and October visit of the Russian museum professionals to the United States.

As part of participation in the project "Museum exchange" the U.S.-Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of-Law" funds the program in the U.S. for Russian specialists and the visit of the U.S. museum professionals to Russia in the autumn of 2015.

The participation of the USRF in the project "Museum exchange" was approved by the Board of Directors on September, 10 2014.

the Potanin Foundation Logo

Established in 1999, the Potanin Foundation is one of the first private foundations in the history of modern Russia to implement significant programs in the field of education and culture. The Foundation's mission is to develop philanthropy in Russia and to support talented and intelligent individuals who are ready to change and help others. The Foundation's activities seek to promote critical social values such as creativity, professionalism and voluntary activity.

The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law Logo

The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) is a donor organization supporting non-profit projects with a focus on economic development, rule-of-law and entrepreneurship. The mission of USRF is to support partnerships between US and Russian organizations, including universities, and strengthen ties between Russia and the US in the fields of education, science and entrepreneurship.

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The Trust for Mutual Understanding awards grants to American nonprofit organizations to support the international travel component of cultural and environmental exchanges conducted in partnership with institutions and individuals in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Priority consideration is given to projects that involve direct, in-depth professional interaction, that respond to social contexts and engage local communities.

CEC Artslink лого

CEC ArtsLink promotes international communication and understanding through collaborative, innovative arts projects for mutual benefit, supports and produces programs that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas.


The St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, promotes contemporary arts and culture, its main fields of activity being visual art, music, architecture, art journalism, and design. The Foundation supports projects of Russian artists and cultural organizations, produces exhibitions, festivals and concerts, organises conferences, lectures and education programs for young artists, journalists, and designers.

For more information, please contact the Program Administrator of Museum Bridges Program Irina Aktuganova at, +7 960 254 77 65.