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Improving Economics Instruction (IEI) in Russian Universities Program

Improving Economics Instruction (IEI) in Russian Universities Program

Improving Economics Instruction (IEI) Program is a joint project with the Yegor Gaidar Foundation. IEI seeks to improve the quality and standards of economics instruction in Russia providing a strong academic foundation for future Russian economists.  Further, IEI provides a solid platform for partnership between Russian economic think tanks and economic learning institutions in the United States.

Project Goal:  Improve the quality of economics instruction in higher education institutions in regional Russia through access to student-centered economics teaching practices in the United States.

The two-week study visit program will accept applications from university-level instructors of economics from higher education institutions from Russia's non-capital regions.Ten economics instructors from regional Russian higher education institutions will be selected to participate in the pilot program through an open and transparent competition.

Program Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Russian participants receive training by US university lecturers and teaching assistants on the fundamentals of student-centered economics education (inter-active classroom structure, use of case studies, instruction of statistics, etc.)
  • Week 2:  Russian participants will shadow US university lecturers and teaching assistance across a variety of economics classes as well as adapt and teach one of their own course modules in Russian economics to gain experience and increase confidence for future course adaptations.

Project Activities:

  • Acquaint Russia economics instructors with student-centered methods of economics instruction practiced in the United States;
  • Adapt Russian curriculum, teaching methodology and courses to practices introduced in the United States; 
  • Replicate student-centered teaching practices in economics across Russia through Training of Trainers by program alumni; and
  • Ensure continued improvement in economics instruction through on-going professional exchange.

Financial provisions

  • Round-trip travel from fellow's home city to host institution in the USA
  • Tuition fees at the US university
  • Room and board (housing and meals)
  • US visa support
  • Accident and sickness coverage (medical insurance)

IEI-2014 Program Participants' Reports

If you have any questions about participation in the program, please contact us at:

Tel.: 8 (495) 641-34-84