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USRF Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any temporary restrictions on the project duration?

The recommended period for implementing projects under $100,000 is up to a year. The project duration isn't stated and it depends on the project methodology and capacity to reach the expected results over the period of project realization.

Are there any restrictions on the project budget?

The expenses should be reasonable and should allow an efficient implementation of the project. USRF funds cannot be used for any investment purposes. The level of administrative costs should not exceed 10% of the whole amount requested from the USRF. Indirect costs include salaries for an accountant and any other staff carrying out solely administrative or general economic functions; charges on a rent (owned) office space, including rent, utility payments and etc.; other costs which are not related to the project activities.

Is it necessary to submit any documents confirming co-funding of the project?

When you file an application, any documents confirming co-funding of the project are not required. They should be presented by the moment of signing a donation agreement if the project is approved for funding. These documents include agreements on appropriation of funds for funding a part of expenses, as well as agreements, letters of guarantee etc. confirming that the third part will pay a part of expenses related to the project.

Is it enough just to - submit an application in an electronic version (in Russian and English) or is it necessary to present a hard copy of the application? Is it required to attach the Applicant foundation documents to the application?

The application is filled only in an electronic version. No other documents are required at the moment of filing. The USRF can inquire any documents confirming the legal status of the Applicant or its financial position in future.

When and in what currency will the donation amount be transferred in case the USRF approves the project?

The donation amount is transferred in rubles at the USD dollar rate to the day of payment within 10 working days from the date of signing a donation agreement.

When and in what form should program and financial reports on the project be submitted?

The reporting period is stated individually and stipulated in a donation agreement.

Can the proposal be submitted to the USRF by - several partner institutions?

The consortium of partner organizations submits a joint proposal that determines responsibilities of each partner. The project budget should consist of separate budgets for each partner, including requested amounts and cost-share. If the proposal is approved by the USRF, the separate agreements will be signed with each partner: in the sequel a grant for the American partner would be transferred from the USRF office in the US and a grant for the Russian partner will be transferred from the USRF office in Moscow.

Is there a certain percentage of co-funding that is expected from the Russian applicant institution for the proposal to be considered competitive? Could this co-funding consist of in-kind support such as staff time, use of the institution's facilities, etc.? In the case of a US-Russian partnership, is co-funding expected from the US institution as well, and if so, at what level?

The USRF doesn't require a specific level of co-funding, but its size and structure will be evaluated by the Grant Committee. The co-funding can consist in-kind supporting. In the case of a US-Russian partnership, USRF expects co-funding from Russian or from both partners.
Supporting and co-funding of the projects by Russian authorities and business is one of the USRF priorities; so availability of additional funding in Russia is very important.

Is it possible to receive funds on authorized activities of the organization? Or will the USRF consider only project funding?

It is possible to receive funds only for project implementation.

What are limitations for each type of expenditure (for example, the amount spent on salaries should not be over 50% of requested sum)?

Such limitations are not stipulated, but all expenditures are to be justified by project activities of the grant.

What reports are submitted to the USRF upon spending the grant funds?

Program and financial reports as well as reports on co-funding are submitted in the middle of the project and upon its accomplishment.